St. Francis Mission prides itself on programs that promote a healthy Catholic Church, and address the difficult issues the Lakota people face. Every program started at the Mission in the last eight years is directed by a Lakota person. Each and every program is designed to further Lakota leadership and champion Lakota and Catholic values.

Copy about the benefits of each layer of the Mission's holistic approach to fostering a healthy environment for future Lakota community success.


Our tiered program structure fosters a healthy foundation for Lakota individuals which enable them to rise to leadership positions within the Church and Reservation.

Level One: Healing

Programs include: Family Recovery Programs, Suicide & Crisis Hotline, Dental Clinic, Counseling Services, Jail Ministry 

Level Two: Spiritual Growth

Programs include: St. Bridget's Parish, St. Charles Borromeo Parish, St. Agnes Parish, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, and Sacred Heart Parish, Five Religious Education Programs, Reservation Youth Group

Level Three: Educational Programs

Programs include: Lay Ministry Formation, Lakota Language Studies, Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum

Level Four: Academic Formation

Programs include: Sapa Un Academy, leading to trade or professional studies

Level Five: Leadership

Include: Lakota Catholic tradespeople and professionals (educated, sober and morally-centered adults)

Level Six: Leaders

Include: Interculturated leaders for the Church and Reservation

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