How We serve

St. Francis Mission prides itself on programs that promote a healthy Catholic Church, and address the difficult issues the Lakota people face. Every program started at the Mission in the last eight years is directed by a Lakota person. Each and every program is designed to further Lakota leadership and champion Lakota and Catholic values.

a Goal driven plan 

Copy about the benefits of each layer of the Mission's holistic approach to fostering a healthy environment for future Lakota community success.


Our tiered program structure fosters a healthy foundation for Lakota individuals which enable them to rise to leadership positions within the Church and Reservation.

Level One: Healing

Programs include: Family Recovery Programs, Dental Clinic, Counseling Services, Jail Ministry 

Level Two: Spiritual Growth

Programs include: St. Bridget's Parish, St. Charles Borromeo Parish, St. Agnes Parish, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, and Sacred Heart Parish, Five Religious Education Programs, Reservation Youth Group

Level Three: Educational Programs

Programs include: Lay Ministry Formation, Lakota Language Studies, Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum

Level Four: Academic Formation

Programs include: Sapa Un Academy, leading to trade or professional studies

Level Five: Leadership

Include: Lakota Catholic tradespeople and professionals (educated, sober and morally-centered adults)

Level Six: Leaders

Include: Interculturated leaders for the Church and Reservation

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