Youth Group Puts On Suicide Prevention Glow Walk

The SFM Youth Group Suicide Prevention Awareness Glow Walk was held yesterday evening in St. Francis. It turned out well. We had between 60-75 adults and children. 

The youth members wanted to have a walk to bring the communities together, to bring awareness to others that suicide is 100% preventable. They wanted people to know they are never alone; there is always someone to talk to. They walked for their friends and loved ones who passed away due to suicide.  We work with the youth to do community service and this is one of the events that they thought of to bring people together for a good cause. We are very proud of all their hard work. Geraldine our Suicide Prevention Manager, Austin Keith our new COO, Caroline is our Suicide & Crisis Hotline holder, and Fr. Boddicker offered words of encouragement and prayer before the walk took place. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our youth and bring awareness to Suicide Prevention.

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