Youth Group Meets Up With Sister Parish- The Sacred Heart

"Our first activity was on Wednesday July 18th at our sister Parish, The Sacred Heart which was located about 50 miles from Tacoma. Mary Dickens met us and gave us a tour of the Parish. We also met Jeff Kress, Youth coordinator for the Parish. 

Our goal was to paint a mural for their youth room. We decided to paint the same mural that is on the side of the CYO building. The youth worked together and they finished it in no time!

The youth were able to meet some of their youth. They played icebreaker games, painted the mural, met and ate lunch with the other youth.

Our last day of the trip we made it back for Mass at the Sacred Heart Parish. They were so welcoming and generous to our group! They had a cookout for us before we left. They had goodie bags that they made up to send with the youth for our trip home. 

They did present us with a gift, which we will present at Mass on Sunday. They were very excited for you to see it Fr. Kubicki!

- Jennifer Black Bear Youth Coordinator

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