Youth Group Activities

"We met with the SFM Youth group this past weekend from 6-8 pm. We had 17 youth participate. We had 4 new youth join. We had a fun day planned for them. We started the evening off in a circle with prayer and then playing an icebreaker game. It has been a long time since some have seen one another so the ice breaker game helped them to get to know each other a little better again. We had board games, flower planting, painting, and a movie. They all enjoyed themselves doing the activities! Painting was a hit! We cooked tatortot casserole for dinner. Everyone wore their masks. Our goal when we started the youth group was to create a safe, welcoming environment for the youth to come together and get to know each other. It was good to see that being done last night. We enjoy visiting with them and getting to know them. We had a great evening with the youth. The SFM youth group is open to youth ages 11-18 years."

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