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Volunteer Update

Every month the dental clinic relies on the help and support of volunteer dentists who dedicate their time to make the difference among the Lakota people. They truly play a crucial role in maintaining and improving dental health and quality of life on the Rosebud Reservation. We are very thankful for their service and the impact they have on this community.

On October 6th and 7th, Dr. David Uppgaard, hygienist Cyndee Stull and hygienist Keeley Flavin spent a busy weekend at the clinic, visiting a total of 57 patients and providing them with the care and service they needed. Dr. Uppgaard’s generosity and service in helping the Lakota people has been instrumental in the last 5 years. After arriving at the reservation on a beautiful Thursday evening, the volunteer crew had a warm welcome from Butty, the reservation dog. It seems that he really liked Dr. Uppgaard! The following day volunteers put in 10 hours of work by treating 30 patients from various walks of life. On Saturday, the work at the clinic was busy as usual! Nonetheless, Dr. Uppgaard took the time to see all the patients that visited the clinic on both days of service. Volunteers also had a chance to tour St. Charles Borromeo’s church, also known as the “Purple Church,” and enjoy a 5k run around the reservation. Read their full blog post.

On October 11 and 12, Creighton University students and Dr. Donald Scheidel provided their precious service to 41 patients. Like many other dental students from other universities, Creighton students have been a pillar for the work of the clinic. Without their passionate and constant commitment to helping the Lakota people over the years, access to complete dental care services would not be a reality on the reservation.

(Dr. David Uppgaard, hygienist Cyndee Stull and hygienist Keeley Flavin)

Dr. Hawley, an endodontist root canal specialist, provided his service to the clinic by seeing 7 patients on October 13. All patients showed up for the appointments receiving RCT therapy.

These volunteers and many others are the beating heart of the dental clinic. They drive the quality and variety of services provided to the Lakota people across the reservation, such as preventive and diagnostic care, implant services, oral surgery, and many others. If our clinic keeps thriving is because of them!

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