Turning the Corner

The weather in February was a roller coaster. Temperatures dipped to 25 below zero and then rebounded to the 50’s. We live now in the hope of spring and of turning the corner of the pandemic.

Ice came off St. Charles Church and knocked out the main heating unit. The indoor temperature plummeted, and our auxiliary heating unit struggled to keep up. We had to cancel Mass one weekend, and, as Lent began, I distributed ashes in the vestibule, where there is an electric heat panel. Though our insurance policy covers replacement of the main unit, we must pay a large deductible out of pocket first.

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe obtained a plentiful supply of the Covid-19 vaccine from the Indian Health Service. In fact, some outsiders even inquired about visiting Rosebud to be vaccinated. With the improving health situation, we are moving forward with our important programs.

At Sapa Un Catholic Academy, online learning continues, but students have begun to return in small groups for half-day instruction. I have to admit that I got a little teary-eyed seeing the students again.

Our Dental Clinic: with the addition of a new modular building for storage, laundry, the reception of patients, and a locker room for volunteers, as well as many changes in the clinic itself, we plan to reopen this month. With the help of Amanda Judd from “One Nurse At A Time,” Director Marty Jones orchestrated the delivery of 500 children’s coats from “Operation Warm.” They were just in time for the really cold weather!

Director of Religious Education Jenny Black Bear spoke at Catholic Extension’s “Virtual Immersion Trip: Native Peoples of America and the Catholic Church.” At the closing, she prayed the “Glory Be” in Lakota. By the time you receive this letter, Lent will be almost over. Please consider making SFM a recipient of your almsgiving. We could especially use your help to meet major, unexpected maintenance costs. Thank you.

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