St. Charles Epiphany Celebration

The SFM Youth group had their 5th Annual Epiphany Celebration that they do during the Christmas Holidays. The Epiphany of Our Lord is the Christian feast observed on Jan. 6th.  The feast of the Epiphany celebrates the many ways that Christ has made Himself known to the world, mainly the three events that manifested the mission and divinity of Christ:  the visit of the Magi, the baptism of Jesus, and the miracle at Cana The visit of the Magi is emphasized on the Epiphany Day.

"In 2013 the SFM Youth group learned about the Lakota Signs and Symbols from Deacon Ben Black Bear, Jr. He told them about the St. Joseph and St. Mary Society’s for Lakota men and women in 1886, they started the tradition during the Christmas Celebration. They identified 6 symbols which were made of cardboard or whatever material they could use to make them. They were to plan on talking about these symbols at the Christmas Celebration, they included the circle, triangle, manger, cross, tree, and star. They would give spiritual talks taken from the bible and religious instruction about these symbols. They would pick a person to pass this symbol on to and they would come back the following year and give a talk about what the symbol meant to them and their family and then pick another family to pass it on to. They did this during Christmas."

In 2013 the SFM youth group made the symbols out of wood. They painted them and researched the meanings of each one and put the meaning of these symbols on the back. They picked six families to keep the symbols for the year and explained the history. We have incorporated this tradition of our Lakota people with the Epiphany celebration. We have successfully brought many families together these past 5 years with this tradition. We are excited to continue this tradition!

We had about 48 people come and share a meal with us after Mass. We fed them ham, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, cookies, juice and water. Thanks to two of the parents of the youth for cooking the sides! Thanks to the families who graciously accepted the symbols from our youth! We hope to share a meal with everyone again next year!

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