SFM Confirmation Retreat

"We had a busy weekend! We held our Confirmation retreat Saturday/Sunday! We are proud of all the candidates who were able to make some time to participate! We had two adults and six youth candidates. Our classes are all online but we decided to have the retreat in person. We had talks about why we are here, the depth of Gods love, reconciliation/repentance, and Lakota Catholic and proud. We attended Mass with Fr. Jim and some had the option of reconciliation. They worked on their faith journey, made guardian angel jars and completed a few lessons! They exchanged guardian Angel jars today. The purpose of these jars is so they can encourage one another by filling the jars with words of encouragement, prayers, Bible verses for their fellow classmate, which they will give to one another at their Confirmation. We had a lot of discussions! We had some yummy food and snacks to get us through the two days! Ben and I were up extra early to cook them all breakfast! We attended Mass together this morning also. Everyone wore their masks. It was a great weekend of learning and fellowship! We had one parent in attendance too."

- Jennifer Black bear Director of Religious Education

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