Sapa Un welcomes guest speaker

Our fellow Sapa Un Catholic Academy welcomed a guest speaker last week :) Lets read what they had to share with us:

"We had two special guests visit the school. We had Kansas Middletent and his son Nate. A couple of weeks ago Nate shared a poem with his family and before they knew it the poem was being shared around the world. The title of the poem is I Am a Native American Boy, and in his poem he shares the love and pride he has for his long hair. As young Native boys there are always struggles, and when it comes to having a braid there are even more struggles. We have many boys of our own here at Sapa Un who have faced difficult times just wanting to be who they want to be. Wearing your braid with pride and being strong throughout the process by teaching others who you are and where you come from is something we are always reminding our young warriors of. It is not easy and probably never will be, but we want our young men to know they have a huge support system out there. With that, we want to give a huge thank you to Nate for his courage and sharing his voice with the world to show his pride in who he is and a huge thank you to Kansas for coming to our school, sharing his family with us and sharing his son’s story. Wopila tanka ❤️❤️ Sapa Un Family"

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