Sapa Un has first 8th grade graduation

History has been made!

Sapa Un Catholic Academy had their first graduation and it couldn’t have been better! These two students who represented our school were also two of the students who started in the program years ago when Sapa Un first opened! It was such a beautiful day along with a beautiful ceremony! These two deserved the best and I would say we accomplished that. THANK YOU to everyone who made this ceremony a success!

Shout out to Rodney Bordeaux for being our speaker, the Red Leaf singers for sharing their voices, Dave Espinoza for leading the feather tying ceremony, Greg Grey Cloud, Gunner Krogman and Lucas Iron Heart for setting up the tipi, Devin Whirlwind Soldier for teaching our boys the graduation song, all of the special guests for taking advantage of the special invite, the families who provided food for the meal and to all of the Sapa Un staff members who jumped in and helped where needed!

Last, we want to give a special shout out to the families who have blessed us with these two amazing children. You have trusted in us and in our program for the last few years and we thank you for that honor! Lydia and Jacob have a very bright future ahead of them. We wish you both the best of luck and always, always want you to remember that our doors here at Sapa Un will always be open to you! Thank you both for everything you have taught us and have left us with. You will be missed dearly but never forgotten!! We love you guys!

Also, big thank to two of donors who made it in just for the graduation!

Sapa Un staff

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