Sapa Un 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 26th, we honored Kimimila Whirlwind Solider and Wilson Provencial. We also honored our 2020 8th grade graduate, Mackenzie Blacksmith whom did not get a proper ceremony due to the pandemic last May. We began the honoring with the procession of the graduates while renowned drum group Red Leaf sang an honor song. Our traditional feather tying and star quilt presentation was followed by a Prayer by Fr. James Kubicki. Guest speaker was our Advancement Director, William Long IV who offered words of encouragement. The presentation of graduates and awarding of diplomas were given by Fr. Jim Lafontaine and Principal Stacee Valandra. The ceremony ended with a Lakota Prayer song by Mekhi Krogman who is also a student at Sapa un. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this all possible for our students. Congratulations graduates!

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