Pulling Together

I once heard that one horse can pull about 8,000 pounds. You would think that two horses, pulling together, could pull twice as much, but you’d be mistaken. Two horses, pulling together, can pull three times as much, or 24,000. If you take those two horses and train them to work together, they can pull 32,000 pounds, four times more than each horse could pull alone.

Here at St. Francis Mission, our efforts on behalf of the Lakota people of the Rosebud are multiplied by the many volunteers and supporters who are pulling with us.

Our dental clinic has two staff: Marty Jones, the director, and Miranda McDaniel, the lead dental assistant. But, in a place with only one Indian Health Service dentist for more than 13,000 people, we can serve 1,500 adults and children each year because of volunteer dentists, hygienists, and students from around the country.

Pat Daoust, MSN, RN, the associate director of nursing at the Center for Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, works with us to meet the mental health needs on the Rosebud. Recently the Center gave SFM a grant of $7,000 to promote our 24/7 crisis hotline and our efforts to prevent suicide.

Several Jesuit high schools and one of our sister parishes, Sacred Heart in Bellevue, Washington, send volunteers in the summer to help with our Body, Mind, Soul religious education camps. Every year Sacred Heart, as well as the Associates of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in Sugar Grove, Illinois, sends school supplies.

Once a month St. Nicholas Church, right across the border in Valentine, Nebraska, and St. Mary’s, in Nenzel, Nebraska, take up a collection for SFM.

I could go on and on about all the good people and organizations that are pulling together with us. You, our supporters, are helping us do much more than we could ever do on our own. Thank you!

During this holy season, would you please consider making us a part of your Lenten alms-giving?

I promise that we will pray for you in a special way.

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