Love & Service

Each month Sapa Un students and staff reflect on a different Lakota value and then apply it to "love and service projects." With a focus on COMPASSION , they sent care packages to Native students from Rosebud who are away at college. One wrote back on Facebook: "Pilamayayelo [Thank you] Sapa Un Catholic Academy! David and I received our care package. We are grateful for the snacks, writing utensils, and especially the words of encouragement from your students! Knowing the youth are watching makes the difference!"

Your help is making a difference in the lives of our students as well as many others whom they are already touching with their compassion. Thank you for helping us form a new generation of Sicangu Lakota in health, community, and leadership.

March Madness at Sapa Un

Three of our traditional Lakota handgame teams entered the local Sinte Gleska University Founders' Day Wacipi tournament and one team took first place. They were awarded $600 and a new handgame set which they donated towards the students' end of the year field trips.

Wrapping Up Wrestling

Our wrestling team of both boys and girls wrapped up their season with a final tournament. Darin Espinoza, Lindsey Four Horns, and Colton Baugh took home first place in their divisions.

Best in Show

4th-8th grade students participated in the St. Francis Indian School science fair. Tru Two Lance and Darin Espinoza took home the best in show with their project on tooth decay. Kimimila Whirlwind Soldier and Lydia Whirlwind Soldier took home best project int he middle school with their project on jet propulsion. Other students took first, second, third, and fourth places.

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