Living and Working in Hope

The one Covid-19 case on the Rosebud has recovered but today, as we were getting ready to go to press, we learned that a second case has been confirmed. With testing scarce, people are afraid that the virus is silently spreading among us. The isolation of “sheltering in place” heightens the anxiety. 

We continue to serve them as best we can.

Sapa Un’s kindergarten to third grade students took their iPads home, the fourth to eighth-graders their laptops, and classes continue with Zoom. Teachers are delivering materials to their students or parents are picking them up, but the children miss their teachers and fellow students. 

Jenny Black Bear and her assistant catechists, Wicahpi Walking Eagle and Catherine Black Bear, created and mailed packets to over 230 religious education students. 

The diocese is exploring how we might open our churches, but, as I write, all five remain empty. This hasn’t stopped our priests from ministering to the people. Besides assembling science kits for Sapa Un students, Fr. Lafontaine visits families and brings them the Eucharist. Fr. Boddicker live-streams Sunday Mass from St. Thomas Church, brings the people Communion, and distributes food around the reservation. 

Amidst the uncertainty and fear, the grass is turning green and the birds are building nests. Spring is here. The Easter season continues and we hold fast to the hope that Christ’s resurrection gives us. We also find hope in your continued support during this economic turmoil. 

Thank you for all your material and spiritual help. It’s crucial for all of us on the Rosebud to know that you haven’t forgotten us. We remember and pray for you as well. Jesus broke through the locked doors behind which the disciples were hiding and said to them, “Do not be afraid: it is I.” May He do the same for each of us. 

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