Ben & Jen travel to Louisiana

From Ben & Jen Black Bear:

Ben and I traveled to Alexandria, LA last week, March 24-27, 2022. In January I was nominated for the Tekakwitha Conference Board of Directors for Region 3. I was able meet most of the other board members at the meeting. “Our vision is to be the Voice, Presence, and Identity of Indigenous Catholics of North America under the protection and inspiration of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. As board members of the Tekakwitha Conference we are striving to reinforce Catholic Identity, affirm pride in our cultures and spiritual traditions, promote healing through forgiveness and reconciliation, advocate for peace and justice in our Indigenous communities, build stronger catechesis that is meaningful to Indigenous Catholic people, nurture the relationship between Indigenous people and the Catholic Church and empower Catholic Indigenous people as leaders within our communities and church.” (Taken from tekakwitha conference website). We met most of the other board members, including Fr. Henry Sands and Fr. Michael Carson. We visited the National Tekakwitha Conference center. We were able to see the original book that was sent to Rome for St. Kateri’s canonization. While there we were also able to attend Mass at the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier. It was a beautiful Cathedral. I will do my best to represent our organization, tribe and region 3. I shared with the other board members that I am honored to serve because Saint Kateri is my Saint name. She was Blessed Kateri when I was Confirmed in the Catholic Church in 1991. Big Thank you to Ben for his support! I will be sharing more information with everyone soon. If anyone has any questions, please contact me at 747-2436. Thank you-Pilamiya ye!

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