A Blessed New Year

Happy and Blessed New Year! As we begin 2020 I want to introduce you to some "new" faces. Actually, they are not so new, but they may be new to you.

Harold Compton

Harold become our Chief Operating Officer last September. He grew up just a few blocks from St. Francis Mission and knows most of the people who live on the Rosebud. He comes to us with a wealth of administrative experience having worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Rosebud, on the neighboring Pine Ridge Reservation, as well as in Utah and Alaska. Most recently he has worked for the local Tribal Land Enterprise. 

I asked Harold why he wanted to move from his good TLE job to SFM. He said: “Because I like what St. Francis Mission is doing, the contemporary services it is providing.” He added that he also liked “the modesty of the Jesuits.” I have to admit I don’t often hear that word used to describe us! 

William Long IV

Also in September, William Long IV, became our Director of Advancement. As we continue to identify and nurture Native leadership, we decided to find a local person to lead our fund- raising efforts. William has worked in law enforcement and most recently with the Sicangu Youth Program. One of his hopes is to make sure that the people of the Rosebud know about all our programs and work with us to support them. 

Caroline DeCory

William is assisted by someone who has worked at SFM for 5 years. Caroline DeCory, our Assistant Director for Advancement, has been my executive secretary but is involved in everything we do, from running the “Feeding South Dakota” food pantry, to organizing and putting out rummage, to helping parents of our students raise money with flea markets, to taking pictures and keeping our Facebook page and website current, to answering the phone. In a future newsletter we’ll let Harold and Caroline say more about themselves and their hopes for SFM. 

Summer Shields Him

Speaking of phones, if you call us you’ll probably speak with Summer Shields Him, our receptionist. Though she finds her job challenging at times, when two calls come in at once and a child or visitor needs to get through the school’s secure door, she enjoys the “very friendly, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere” of SFM. 

Desirae Logan

Lastly, Desirae Logan leads our house-keeping efforts in keeping the church, our guest houses, our administration building, the school, and the dental clinic clean. Marty Jones, director of the dental clinic, told me that it has never been cleaner, an important factor in providing a healthy environment for the many people whom we are able to help. 

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