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Wopila, from the 2012-2013 JVs


What a year this has been for us Jesuit Volunteers!

Last August, three “Apostles” came from the land out east to learn and grow from the people, culture and history of the Rosebud Reservation. Boy, were we humbled by the journey that took place. The three of us cannot express our gratitude enough for the love and support all of you have shown to us in our year as volunteers. Working for the Saint Francis Mission has been one of the greatest blessings the three of us could ask for. In this very busy year, we witnessed the opening of the Saint Francis Mission Suicide and Crisis Hotline and Dental Clinic, the canonization of the first female Native American Saint, Kateri Tekakwitha, the preparation for the opening of Sapa Un Catholic Academy, and the beginning of our Welcome Home DVDs and Triumph of Hope campaign. What a year to come and participate in this very special place.

We want to send our deepest thanks to all of our supervisors and coworkers for letting us into their stories, homes and lives. We can now call this place “home” because of the wonderful relationships we’ve formed in our work. We send our thanks to our parishioners who showed us what real community looks like; the three of us grew in compassion from the example shown to us. We want to thank our students for reminding us how to live, laugh and love as a child does (and for teaching us about the hip lingo you kids use these days). But, most of all, we’d like to thank God from the depths of our hearts for being ever-present in our journey, for leading us to this sacred time in our lives, for touching our hearts through every person we encountered.

I hope you are all as excited as we are for the new Jesuit Volunteers, Michael O., Michael P. and Jessica H. to arrive ! They are a great group of people who are dedicated to the work of the Saint Francis Mission, and we could not be more confident leaving this work in their hands.

Again, thank you from the bottom of all three of our hearts. We will never forget this wonderful adventure or the blessed people who walked it with us.


“The Apostles” (a.k.a. Peter, Paul and Jimmy)

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