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The Transformative Power of Faith: Responding to Pope Francis’ Call

On March 31, Father Hatcher and Jennifer Black Bear attended a panel called “The Transformative Power of Faith: Responding to Pop Francis’ Call” organized by the Catholic Extension, and taking place at Boston College. The event looked at how we can put into action Pope Francis’ call to be advocates for the poor and agents of change.  In addition to the St. Francis Mission, the event included representatives from other missions and nonprofits, including an ecumenical movement jump-started in the poorest county in South Carolina (Sister Mary Susanne Dziedzic, CSSF)and work in California to keep the Church present for young people as an alternative to drugs and violence (José Lopez and his wife Digna R. López).

Many wonderful things were said during the event, which was a panel discussion, and we’ve collected some of the quotes from Father, Jennifer and the other participants, which were shared on Twitter, below.

“On the reservation we struggle with depression, suicide, and alcoholism. We need to reach out to those who don’t know God and who don’t know that they are loved” -Fr. John Hatcher

“Our struggle in Stockton is poverty but it gives us the favor of the faith. It allows us to reach out and create leadership” – Digna R. López, Diocese of Stockton

“We have a strong recovery program due to alcohol/drug abuse on the Lakota Reservation” – Jennifer Lee Black Bear

“We make a preferential option for young people. We need to trust them” – Digna Lopez, Diocese of Stockton

“(Between denominations) there are more things alike than different. Working with other churches is a blessing” – Sister Susanne

As one participant said on Twitter, “One fairly constant theme at community is a crucial source of stability, inspiration, and, ultimately, change.”


Jennifer Black Bear on the Catholic Extension Panel


Father John Hatcher on the Catholic Extension Panel

Father John Hatcher on the Catholic Extension Panel


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