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Support a Sapa Un Academy Student

In SeptembSchooler of 2013, St. Francis Mission established the Sapa Un Catholic Academy to provide bilingual and bicultural education for the students. The Academy requires strong family involvement and the staff works not only with the children but with their parents as well. We are proud to call the Academy by the name Sapa Un (which is the Lakota word for Catholic, as well as Jesuit or “Black Robe”).

We have recently started an Indie GoGo fundraiser to support a Sapa Un Academy student.  To support ONE student for ONE year, the cost is $10,000.  Our campaign is designed to cover the cost of one student.  Our Cost of a student covers two nutritious meals and one snack each day, supplies and materials for daily lessons, school equipment, and all other needs to allow a student to succeed during a school year.

If we do not reach our goal, the money will still be able to help offset the cost of sending a student to school for the year…every little bit helps!  If we reach our goal, the money will allow for one child from the Rosebud Reservation to attend school for a full year. If we exceed our goal, more than one child will benefit from a Sapa Un Academy education, one more child will help give the Lakota people hope that the future of their people is in good hands.

To learn more, or to contribute, head on over to Indie GoGo!




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