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Suicide Prevention Week: How can YOU make a difference?

Suicice Prevention Week

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. In 2013, we began an initiative to help prevent suicide on the Rosebud Reservation. At the time, the suicide rate was enormous – and we knew that we could help change the grim statistics. Since then, our hotline has been open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking calls (and Facebook messages) from those contemplating suicide, in crisis or in need of help.

YOU can help make a difference in someone’s life. Awareness and understanding the signs of suicide can be the first step to helping prevent suicide. What are the warning signs?

• Talking about suicide
• Seeking access to means to commit suicide
• Preoccupation with death
• No hope for the future
• Self-loathing or self-hatred
• Getting affairs in order
• Saying goodbye
• Withdrawing from others
• Self-Destructive behavior
• Sudden sense of calm

What can you do if you spot these warning signs in someone you know?

1 – Speak up. Talk to them about it (and if you are a child, talk to a trusted adult)
2 – Respond quickly. Don’t wait if you spot a warning sign.
3 – Offer help and support.

If you are on the Rosebud, call us at 605.319.1280. There is help available for you!

Interested in volunteering? Email for more information!

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