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SFM Youth Group: Growing & Volunteering!

The SFM Youth Group has been sustained by core members and the wonderful work of our Religious Education director, Jenny Black Bear.  As the group continues to grow, they keep on meeting!  On Sunday, February 22nd, 8 youth joined together for meetings & games.  The group covered many topics – reviewing the Safe Environment Training, asking for their input on what types of activities the group wanted to focus on and played board games!  The youth were treated to a meal of Indian tacos, cooked by Ben and Jenny Black Bear –  which they all seemed to enjoy! Afterwards, they were able to run off their tacos with some basketball at Digmann Hall – where we were joined by several more youth!

Our youth group doesn’t just have fun – they also volunteered to work the concessions stand at the KINI Valentine’s Day dance on February 13th.  In addition to helping with concessions, they helped out by taking pictures of the event!

We are so proud of how the youth are coming together for fun, fellowship and volunteerism. Want to support them? Click here.

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