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SFM Youth Group Easter Fun

The SFM Youth group was very busy during Holy Week! The youth were on Spring break so we kept them busy with many activities.  On Thursday, we made 110 Easter baskets and filled 150 candy bags for Easter festivities. Throughout the day, the youth worked on the Easter baskets, ate lunch and supper as a group and ran off energy at the SF Track & basketball courts.  We ended the day by attending Holy Thursday Mass services at St. Charles Church in St. Francis. The youth were well behaved and respectful at Mass services – and some of them volunteered to help with parts of Mass.


We met up again on Saturday afternoon to color eggs.  When that was done, we went to the old track field to run off some energy while the food was cooking, then we finished coloring eggs. We are so thankful to all the people who donated eggs, real and plastic. As a group, we attended the Easter Vigil services at St. Charles Church.

On Easter Sunday some of the Youth attended Mass and passed out the Easter baskets and candy bags they made. They hid about 300 real and plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt. We had a lot of children take part in the Easter egg hunt! It was a long, busy weekend for the SFM Youth group, but they did awesome! We are very proud of all of them!


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