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Sapa Un Academy: September Update!

School started for the Sapa Un Academy in September, and our students, teachers & staff have been busy working on projects and learning!  We’ve collected some highlights from the first month to share!

Dental Health

Marty Jones from the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic presented information on dental health to the students. We started a brushing program where the students brush after meals here at the school. The dental clinic provided the materials for us!  Here are some pictures of the students learning to brush correctly!

Dental 1 Dental 2

Art & Painting

Our first art unit was watercolors. As we go through the year, students are submitting choice artwork from each unit to be part of an art show and auction later in the year designed to provide an authentic art experience for students. Funds raised will be donated to a charity of the students’ choice to support art education in underprivileged areas.

IMG_0001_2   IMG_0002_2IMG_0004_2IMG_0003_2

Hands on Science!

This project was from our science unit in the first week of school. We are trying to incorporate writing and interactive notebooks with hands on science activities to help with critical thinking skills and to teach students the way real scientists work in the world.  This activity was called, “Save Fred” and students used gummy worms, gummy lifesavers, paper clips and cups…they were to get the lifesaver from under the “boat” (cup) and place it on Fred, the gummy worm without using their hands. They then took notes and discussed their strategies.

IMG_0030_2 IMG_0032_2 IMG_0033_2 IMG_0034_2


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