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Sapa Un Academy (Black Robe/Catholic)

The purpose of missionary activity is to establish a local church that becomes strong enough to take care of its own needs and send missionaries to other parts of the world to spread the Gospel. To accomplish this goal on the Rosebud Reservation, St. Francis Mission has short-term and long-term objectives. In the short-term, the Mission provides programs for basic re-evangelization of the Catholic population–parishes, religious education, recovery programs, programs that support Lakota language and culture. These are foundational requirements for leadership. However, in order to provide an educated and ethically responsible group of leaders for the future, St. Francis Mission, in the long-term, must provide a quality Catholic education.

In September 2013, the Mission began an academy based on the Jesuit Nativity model of schools. This network of schools have a proven track record among high-risk populations of producing students who are able to graduate from colleges and universities. This type of school can produce Lakota leaders both in the Tribe and in the Church.

The Nativity-model academy at St. Francis will be unique in that it will require students to learn Lakota language and culture in a Catholic context. In addition, the academy will be supported by other Mission programs, including the Family Recovery Program, counseling, and religious formation.

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