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This Month in History

December – “Tahécapšuŋ Wi”

Moon of Shedding Horns

Today in History #BMLM


Dec. 1, 1983 – Rev, Fr. Patrick Burns, SJ takes over as Provincial of the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus.

Dec. 6, 1866 – Lakota attack Ft. Phil Kearney wood detail.

Dec. 6, 1904 – Baptism of Nicholas Black Elk.


Dec. 7, 1867 – Col. Miles and Sitting Bull battle on the Missouri.

Dec. 8, 1897 – 40 acres of land on the White River were granted for the building of a church.

Dec. 9, 1999 – First truck load of donated weight equipment arrives at St. Francis Mission.


Dec. 10, 1909 – Red Cloud dies. He was born 1822 near North Platte, Nebraska. He died at Pine Ridge Agency.


Dec. 10, 1940 – Accreditation for the High School was received from the State Department.

Dec. 10, 1970 – Official incorporation of parents advisory board as Sicangu Oyate Ho – “Voice of the Burnt Thigh People”.

Dec. 10, 1981 – First Annual retreat reunion of Sioux Spiritual Center for Feast of Our Lady of Guadaloupe.

Dec. 11, 1982 – Brother Joseph Schwarzler’s celebration of 50 years service at St. Francis Mission.


Dec. 14, 1889 – Invitation to attend Ghost Dance at Pine Ridge is extended to Sitting Bull.

Dec. 15, 1890 – Sitting Bull is killed by Indian police sent out by U.S. government Indian Agent.


Dec. 17, 1876 – Sioux chiefs attempting to surrender at Ft. Keogh, are killed by Crow scouts.

Dec. 18, 1876 – Forces under Lt. Baldwin attack Sitting Bull on the Red Water.

Dec. 18, 1967 – Fr. Albert Grueter, SJ died after 40 years of service on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservation.


Dec. 19, 1866 – Wood detail come under attack for second day at Ft. Phil Kearney.

Dec. 21, 1866 – Fetterman Massacre.

Dec. 23, 1846 – Fr. Florentine Digmann, SJ,  is born in Germany.


Dec. 23, 1931 – Fr. Florentine Digmann, SJ, died at St. Francis Mission on his 85th birthday.

Dec. 26, 1862 – Santee Sioux uprising ends as thirty-eight Sioux are hanged at Mankato.

Dec. 29, 1890 – Wounded Knee Massacre. Big Foot’s bands of Minniconjou Sioux are killed by the 7th Cavalry.

Dec. 30, 1890 – Two Strike attacks 7th Cavalry following massacre at Wounded Knee.

Dec. 31, 1885 – Brother Nunlist and Fr. Jutz arrives, first Black Robes to establish a school on the Rosebud Reservation.