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This Month in History

September – “Caŋwápeġi Wi”

Moon in which the leaves turn brown.

(Chan wa pe (guttural p)  Gi (guttural g) We

Chan – means wood

Wape – means the leaves

Gi – the color brown

Today in History #BMLM

Sept. 1, 1851 — Ft. Laramie Treaty Council establishes reservations

Sept. 1, 1950 — Marguerite Smith, volunteer from Council Bluffs, Iowa, came to be a secretary. She remained 13 yrs.


Sept. 1, 1963 — Fr William Boat, last diocesan priest to serve at Sacred Heart Church, White River, SD, retires. Fr. George Stroh, SJ, becomes pastor in White River. Jesuits have served there ever since.

Sept. 1, 1983  –  Fr. Richard Jones’ Golden Jubilee.img221


Sept. 2, 1862 — Soldiers at birch Coulee defeat Santee Sioux.

Sept. 2, 1896 – First Kindergarten was begun at St. Francis Mission.

Sept. 3, 1855 – Little Thunder’s camp was destroyed by Col. William Harney, during Blue Water Battle.

Sept. 3, 1974 – Ring Thunder Church and Meeting House destroyed by fire, in the community of Ring Thunder, SD.


Sept. 4. 1921 – The ninth grade was added to the school curriculum.

Sept. 5, 1877 — Crazy Horse was killed in the guard house at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

Sept. 5 — 1937 — St. Francis Parochial School opened in St. Francis with Sr. Casmir and Sr. Carmina.

Sept. 6, 1996 — Opening of Icimani Ya Waste (translation: good travelers).


Sept. 7. 1888 — Sisters Cecilia Steffen, Cypriana Gulker, and Ludgardis Niner arrived to teach in the school at St. Francis Mission.

Sept. 11, 1968 — Fr. Paul Manhart, SJ, arrived at the Jesuit Seminary at St. Bonifacius, MN, where his work on

Fr. Eugene Buechel’s Lakota Dictionary was programmed and executed in a first edition.

Sept. 11, 1994 — Fire in Drexel Hall, on campus of St. Francis Mission, St. Francis, SD.


Sept. 13, 1867 — Indian Peace Commission holds treaty making session with Lakota.

Sept. 13, 1983 — Very Rev, Peter Hans Kolvenbach (Holland) elected General of the Society of Jesus, Rome, Italy.

Sept. 14, 1860 — Brule attack Pawnee in Nebraska and burn 60 earth lodges.

Sept. 14, 1938 — The 7th and 8th grades were added to the St. Francis Parochial School.


Sept. 14, 1950 — Corn Husk mattresses, after 64 years, were replaced by factory mattresses.img227

Sept. 15, 1889 — First Confirmations in St. Francis Mission recorded.

Sept. 15, 1929 — Wedding Day of Arthur White Feather and Nellie Running, St. Ignatius Church, White River, SD.


Sept. 15, 1980 — Bill Schweigman died. He was a leader in the Sun Dance ceremonies on the Rosebud.

img232 img233

Sept. 18, 2000 — Fr. Richard Jones, SJ, Day proclaimed by Rosebud Sioux Tribe Council.

Fr. Richard Jones

Fr. Richard Jones

Sept. 20, 1928 — Sun Dance at Rosebud, SD.

Sept. 24, 1979 — Opening of the Retreat Office at St. Francis Mission by Marge Werner and Sr. Helen Borszich.

Sept. 26, 1975 — Mr. George Jake Kills In Sight died at the age of 78. He was a well known leader in the Catholic faith and in tribal affairs. In 1935 he was selected chief, and was a grandson of Chief Hollow Horn Bear.

img235 img234

Sept. 28, 1877 — Spotted Tail meets with the President and requests Black Robes to teach on the Rosebud.

Sept. 29, 1927 — Use of electric lights begun at St. Francis Mission.


Sept. 29, 1979 — Silas Left Hand Bull, born 1910, died after many years of service to St. Francis Mission and Holy Rosary Mission.


Sept. 30, 1886 — First census taken on the Rosebud.