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This Month in History

January – “Wióteḣika Wi”

Moon of Hard Winter

Today in History #BMLM

Jan. 1, 1886 – St. Francis Mission operates under the jurisdiction of the Buffalo (New York) Mission of the German Province of the Society of Jesus.

Jan. 1, 1886 – First Mass by Fr. Jutz, S.J. in the newly built Mission house.


Jan. 1, 1888 – Ghost Dance begins with a vision by Wovoka, a Paiute medicine man.

Jan. 1, 1982 – Official opening of Columba Hall as Alcoholics Anonymous Center at St. Francis Mission by Fr. Bob Fitzgerald, SJ.


Jan. 7, 1865 – Brule and Oglala Sioux and Cheyenne attack military station at Julesburg, CO.

Jan. 7, 1892 – Fr. Florentine Digmann, SJ baptized eight persons who had already been instructed by John White Pipe near White River, South Dakota.


Jan. 8, 1892 – Fr. Florentine Digmann, SJ went to the camp of Chief Tall Mandan, 88 yrs old at the time, and who had been baptized by Fr. DeSmet many years before. His son Peter Tall Mandan was a catechist.

Jan. 9, 1879 – Northern Cheyenne under Dull Knife break out of confinement at Fort Robinson and head for Powder River country.

Jan. 10, 1918 – St. Joseph Hall, main school building, began to be used almost two years after the fire that had destroyed almost everything at St. Francis Mission.


Jan. 12, 1825 – First execution of a white man in the United States for murder of an Indian at Pendleton, Indiana.

Jan. 15, 1890 – Kicking Bear surrenders rifle to Gen. Miles ending the Ghost Dance.

Jan. 19, 1983 – First full board meeting for St. Francis Alcoholism Unit.

Jan. 20, 1916 – Fire destroyed the church and almost all of the school buildings. Only concrete boy’s building constructed in 1910 survived the blaze. Within a few hours, 30 years work had gone up in smoke.

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Jan. 21, 1938 – Sister Gabriel Albrecht died after 49 yrs. of service at St. Francis Mission.


Jan. 23, 1901 – Ben Beauvais died, oldest marked grave in St. Mary’s Garden, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish cemetery, located 2 1/2 miles west of Wood, South Dakota.