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This Month in History

August – “Wasútoŋ wi Wi”

Moon when the plants produce seeds.

Today in History #BMLM


August 1, 1867 – Hay detail attacked by Lakota near Fort C.F. Smith.

August 1, 1983 – Jim Whiting became director of Little Sioux office.


August 2, 1867 – Maj. Moore’s forces skirmish with Lakota and Cheyenne near mouth of Rosebud creek.

August 5, 1881 – Crow Dog kills Spotted Tail.

August 5, 1976 – Deacons Ben Black Bear, Jr. and Steve Red Elk assist Cardinal Know, Papal Delegate, at the Native American mass at 41st International Eucharistic Congress, at Philadelphia, PA, attended by a hundred thousand people, including Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

August 6, 1939 – 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell DeSersa, married by Fr. Digmann in 1889, a first in the community.


August 6, 1997 – St. Peter’s Church burns down in O’Kreek, SD.

Aug 6- St. Peter's Church

August 7, 1789 – Secretary of War manages Indian Affairs.

August 8, 1949 – Bro. Andrew Hartmann, S.J. died.

Aug8-Br. Andrew Hartmann

August 9, 1823 – Lakota help Col. Henry Leavenworth defeat the Arikaras, in now Mobridge, SD, over an encounter with fur traders. It is considered the second bloodiest encounter with Native Americans in SD.

August 11, 1742 – Verendrye brothers, Francois and Louis Joseph were on a trek across South Dakota. They were first Europeans to come upon the Black Hills. They were met by Arikara and Mandan tribes. They were looking for the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean. They turned back, perhaps, thinking the Black Hills were a mountain range.

August 13, 1945 – Mother Boniface and Mary Carroll, a graduate of St. Francis Mission, left for Mary crest in Denver, CO. Sr. Mary Carroll was the Provincial of the Sisters of St. Francis. She died in 1990.

August 15, 1955 – St. Francis Mission, transferred from Mission Province (since 1912) to Wisconsin Province.

August 15, 1972 – Leland Bordeaux replaced Sr. Bernard Meyer, O.S.F. as high school. Sr. Bernard and Sr. Margaret Schneider joined Fr. Richard Jones’ Parish Team.

Aug15-Leland Bordeaux

August 16, 1872 – Lakota assault Col. S. Stanley’s troop and railroad workers in MT.

August 18, 1862 – Santee Lakota strike ferryboat at Redwood Landing.

August 23, 1975 – The St. Francis Indian School (formally St. Francis Mission) began school with all Native American administration.

August 24, 1984 – Moses Big Crow, of St. Francis, SD, a leader and teacher of the Lakota culture, passed away. He was born June 29th, 1918.

August 26, 1872 – Lakota attack Fort McKeen (later Ft. Abe Lincoln) in North Dakota.

August 26, 1869 – Lakota attack U.P. Survey Crew.

August 30, 1966 – The foundation for St. Charles Parish house was laid.

Aug30-Parish House