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This Month in History

November – “Waníyetu Wi”

The Winter Moon OR Moon of Starting Winter

Today in History #BMLM

Nov. 3,  1899 – First mass held at St. Ignatius Church, White River, SD by Fr. Florentine Digmann.

Nov. 6, 1867 – Sitting Bull attacks Ft. Buford at North Dakota.

Nov. 13, 1889 – President Benjamin Harrison (the 23rd President) orders War Department to end the Ghost Dance.

Nov. 14, 1965 – Volleyball for the high school girls at St. Francis Mission was first organized.

Nov. 15, 1935 – Arrival of Indian Commissioner, John Collier from Washington, DC, was greeted at

St. Francis Mission with the school band and traditional dancers.


Nov. 19, 1889 – Calvary troops move on the Pine Ridge reservation to stop the Ghost Dance.

Nov. 20, 1890 – Five Army companies come on the Rosebud Agency to stop the Ghost Dance.

Nov. 22, 1983 – Fr. Patrick McCorkell, SJ takes over as superior of St. Francis Mission.


Nov. 23, 1919 – First baptism performed at Sacred Heart Church, White River, SD.

Sacred Heart Church

Nov. 29, 1886 – First marriage performed by Jesuit priest, Fr. E. M. Perrig.


Nov. 29, 1958 – The first alumni meeting was held at St. Francis Mission. King Charles Archambault

and Queen Donna Shaw reigned.