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This Month in History

July – “Caŋpásapa Wi”

Moon when the chokecherries are ripe.

Today in History #BMLM

July 1, 1969 – Mike and Vivian Boltz and Billy Joe Bordeaux opened the “B & B” Store in St. Francis, SD.

July 1, 1980 –  St. Francis Mission transfers the school to Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. Voice of the Sicangu Nations (Burnt Thigh People), a group formed by the local parents and guardians.

July 4, 1891 – First general Catholic Indian Congress at Ft. Yates on the Standing Rock Reservation.

July 4, 1897 – A mock attack on the Rosebud Agency stockade.

July 4, 1976 – Inauguration of the new St. Francis community grounds with parade, rodeo, ball games, and pow-wow.

July 7, 1888 – Fr. Aloysius Bosch, S.J. arrived at St. Francis Mission.

July 12, 1912 – Over 3000 Native Americans participated in the Catholic Indian Congress held in St. Francis, SD.

July 15, 1865 – Southern Lakota attack Gen. George Custer at Downers Station, KS.

July 16, 1840 – Some members of the Sioux tribe were baptized at Ft. Pierre by Fr. Christian Hoecken, S.J.

July 16, 1921 – First burial from the Sacred Heart church, White River, SD.

July 22, 1980 – Dallas Chief Eagle Bordeaux of Mission, SD died, a master of the Hoop Dance. He used up to 27 hoops, representing colors and sizes of trees, which to Dallas, also represents the diversity of life.

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July 22, 1981 – Ray Colligan became administrative assistant of St. Francis Mission.

July 28, 1942 – Mrs. Short Bull, a former student of St. Francis Mission school, and a Tertiary of the Third Order of St. Francis, died. She was buried with a habit and veil.