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This Month in History

March – “Ištáwicayayazaŋ Wi”

Moon in which sore eyes prevail

(Sun rays reflecting off the snow, beginning of spring.)

Today in History #BMLM

March 2, 1889  –  Sioux Act reduces reservation to present size.

March 4, 1933  – With a team of horses Ray Whipple pulls Fr. Eugene Buechel’s car that was stuck in the snow.

March 8, 1866  – The daughter of Spotted Tail, Hinzi Win or Mini aku is buried at Ft. Laramie, WY.

March 10, 1942 – Fr. Hallihan, S.J. organized the Tertiary of the Third Order of St. Francis, twenty-two people joined.

March 14, 1913  –  Worst blizzard since 1888, drifts were 12 to 15 feet high.

March 14, 1896  –  In the White Thunder area the earliest recorded meeting to form a chapter in the St. Joseph Society.

March 17, 1876  –  Crazy Horse defeats Col. Reynolds’s troops at Bear Butte, SD.

March 17, 1928  –  Bro. Joe Schwarzler entered the Jesuit Novitiate at Tisis Austria. Four years later he began his long years and work at St. Francis Mission.

March 18, 1978  –  Bro. Joe Schwarzler’s Golden Jubilee as a Jesuit.

March 19, 1868  –  Lakota attack Horseshoe Relay Station in Nebraska, a pony express trail.

March 25, 1976 – Founder’s Day Celebration, part of our country’s Bicentennial locally, also 90th Anniversary of St. Francis Mission.

March 28, 1886  –  Rev. E. M. Perrig, S.J. arrived with three Sisters of St. Francis of St. Francis, whose motherhouse is Sacred Heart Convent in Buffalo, New York. They were Sister Kostka Schlaghecken, Sister Rosaria Lampe and Sister Alcantara Fallon.

March 29, 1970  –  Sinte Gleska College at Rosebud, S.D. began to offer classes. St. Francis Mission helped supply teachers and classroom space.