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This Month in History

October – “Caŋwapekasná Wi”

Moon of Falling Leaves.

c-ch…like chun  (slient N) wape (gutteral pe) kasna

can – wood

canwape – leaves

kasna – fall, shake to fall

Today in History #BMLM

Oct. 1, 1981 – Retreat Office was rededicated to Silas Left Hand Bull and set up in Hartman Hall under the direction of Marge Werner and is called “Mni Ekta U Wo”. (“Come to the Water”)

Oct. 3-5, 1980 – First retreat at Sioux Spiritual Center, sponsored by Retreat Office.


Oct. 6, 1874 – Arrival in U.S.A., Marycrest Franciscans of Denver, Colorado, who have ministered at St. Francis Mission, since its beginning.

Oct. 8, 1959 – Bro. Joseph Parry, SJ the gardener for many years died.


Oct, 9, 1889 – Kicking Bear introduces the Ghost Dance at Sitting Bull’s camp on the Grand River.

Oct. 9, 1978 – Social Concerns Office for St. Francis Mission began under the director, Georgia Hackett.


Oct. 9, 1981 – Lyle Richards Memorial Award SDIEA 1981, Rapid City, SD, awarded to KINI-FM for outstanding contributions in area of Indian Education.

Oct. 13, 1874 – Bro. Andrew Hartmann, SJ, was born in Germany.


Oct. 13, 1945 – Fr. Eugene Buechel’s last exposure in his photograph log, numbered 2,128.

Oct. 14, 1964 – Billy Mills, Oglala Sioux, wins 1000 meter run at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.


Oct. 16, 1918 – About 500 people died on the reservation from the Spanish Flu including 44 students. Entire families were found dead.

Oct. 16, 1978 – John Paul, II was elected pope in Rome, Italy.

Oct. 18, 1855 – Spotted Tail surrenders and is imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth,

Oct. 20, 1874 – Fr. Eugene Buechel, SJ was born in Schleida, Thuringia, Germany.


Oct. 20, 1982 – Fr. Robert Demeyer, SJ, founder of Little Sioux fund-raising office, died.


Oct. 20, 1945 – Over 3,000 bushels of potatoes were picked by the students of St. Francis  Mission school.

Oct. 21, 1982 – Publication of St. Francis Mission Pastoral Planning Document: A Five-Year Plan.

Oct. 22, 1922 – The church of Ironwood, (on the Rosebud Reservation) was dedicated.


Oct. 23, 1982 – Alcoholism Unit gets a new home in Columbia Hall at St. Francis Mission.


Oct. 24, 1876 – Gen. George Crook appoints Spotted Tail chief of both Spotted Tail and Red Cloud Agencies.

Oct. 26, 1969 – New Digmann Hall is dedicated by Rev. Father Provincial Joseph Sheehan, SJ.


Oct. 27, 1954 – Fr. Eugene Buechel, SJ, died.


Oct. 30, 1929 – Fr. Henry Grothe, SJ, died.


Oct. 31, 1889 – Short Bull delivers his first sermon on the Ghost Dance at Pine Ridge.