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This Month in History

April – “Wihákakta Cépapi Wi”

Moon of Making Fat

Today in History #BMLM

April 10, 1883 — First baptism by a diocesan priest, Fr. Francis Craft followed immediately by the first marriage.

April 12, 1886 — First baptism by a Jesuit priest, Fr. John Jutz, SJ.

April 20, 1961 — The annual carnival was held in the new gym. The carnival used to be one of the biggest entertainment back in the 60’s. People would come over from miles to join in this fun.

April 23, 1922 — First First Communion class in Sacred Heart Church at White River, SD.

April 28, 2000 — Bishop Blaise Cupich blesses the new addition at Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum. A crowd accompanies him, including DeaconBen Black Bear, Jr., Roy Stone, Fr. Ron Seminara, S.J., and many more.

April 29, 1890 — A site was chosen for a church at St. Francis, SD. Up to then a large room in the main building had been set aside for a chapel.