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This Month in History

June – “Tinpsila Itkahca wi”

Moon when wild turnips grow

June 2, 1875 – Walter Jenny leads geological expedition to Black Hills.

June 8, 1864 – Spotted Tail and Two Strike at peace talks for the first time.

Spotted TailTwo Strike

June 10, 1888 – The first First Holy Communion on records at St. Francis Mission.

June 12, 1983 – Golden Jubilee of St. Thomas Apostle Parish, Mission, South Dakota.

June 12, 1985 – Ordination of Collins P. Jordan of Rosebud Reservation, first Lakota priest in the Rapid City Diocese, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Fr. C.P. Jordan

June 15, 1886 – First day of school at St. Francis Mission.

June 15, 1889 – Inauguration of the Ghost Dance on Pine Ridge Reservation.

June 17, 1876 – Sioux defeat Gen. George Crook at the Battle of the Rosebud in Montana.

June 18, 1934 – Indian Reorganization Act authorizes self-government for all tribes.

June 19, 1868 – Fr. De Smet enters the camp of Sitting Bull in quest of peace.

June 19, 1976 – Ordination of Ben Black Bear, Jr. Deacon, special permission from Rome was needed

for this because of age. (Ben was 30 yrs. old; the age requirement for deacon is 35 yrs. old.)

Ben Black Bear, Jr. Ben Black Bear, Jr.2

June 19, 2000 – First Body, Mind, & Soul Youth Program begins.

Body, Mind & Soul

June 22, 1980 – Kateri Tekakwitha declared “Blessed” by Pope John Paul II.

Kateri Statue

June 25, 1876 – General George Custer is defeated at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

June 29, 1969 – Dedication of Sacred Heart Hall in White River, South Dakota.

June 30, 1980 – Last day of Jesuit administration of the school at St. Francis Mission. Transfer of school and shops from St. Francis Mission to Sicangu Oyate Inc., a non-profit corporation of Lakota parents, officially complete.

June 30, 1982 – After 96 years of service at St. Francis Mission, the Sisters of St. Francis of Marycrest, Denver, CO ended their commitment as a community to St. Francis Mission.