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Family & Youth Activities Tonight, November 24th!

There are a few activities going on this evening that we want to share!

  • The SFM Religious Education program will have a “family night” for the parents/guardians/students who are enrolled in the SFIS after school religion program on Monday, November 24th from 4-5 p.m at the Icimani building in St. Francis. If you have any questions, please call Jenny at 747-2436 or 828-1082.
  • The SFM Youth group will have a meeting/game night on Monday, November 24th from 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. at the Digmann Hall in St. Francis. We invite youth ages 10-18 years to join the youth group. If you have any questions or need more information, please call Jenny at 747-2436 or 828-1082.

Join us if you can!

Help us serve nutritious meals!

Pope Francis said, “Poverty calls us to sow hope…Poverty is the flesh of the poor Jesus, in that child who is hungry, in the one who is sick.” Experience the true spirit of Christmas by helping us serve good meals to Lakota kids, elderly folks and families.  God will bless you for it.


We serve hot meals during the holidays in several communities around the Rosebud Reservation for the elderly and children who are out of school. With the help of volunteers the mission delivers food baskets to Lakota elders who become virtual shut-ins during our cold snowy winters – this costs approximately $25 per basket. We also provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack to the children in the Sapa Un Catholic academy–this costs $10 a day or $200 a month per student. We also provide a hot meal and snack to the children in our five Body Mind and Soul Summer programs. Your gift will help support these many nutrition programs we sponsor.

Pope Francis said, “Poverty in the world is a scandal. In a world where there is so much wealth, so many resources to feed everyone, it is unfathomable that there are so many hungry children, that there are so many children without an education, so many poor persons. Poverty today is a cry.” St. Francis Mission is responding to that cry in everything we do. Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate $25 to create a food basket for a Lakota elder
  • Donate $10 to feed a Sapa Un Academy student for one day
  • Sponsor student meals for one month for $200
  • Contribute any amount to help our feeding programs!

You can donate online on our website by clicking here.

Engaging the Word: 11/23/14

We have all probably experienced a child who keeps asking why questions?  Why is snow cold?  Why fire hot?  Why water wet?  Why is the sky blue? Why? Why? Why?  We try to give answers and probably get most of them right, but if we get backed into the question of why there is anything at all, of why is there something rather than nothing, of why there is existence, we find that we can only answer “Because.”  Because is what we offer as the reason, and in fact the Reason for everything and the Logic that underlies all else other than the Reason and the Logic that exists.  Smart people throughout the millennia have called this Reason and Logic and their Relationship by a simple three letter word: God.  Why is there anything at all and why is it the way it is?  God.

Now, God thought of as Reason or Logic does not seem much like a god we can get to know or with whom we can have a relationship, but if we stop and consider what we know about this Reason is that the Reason, God, has shared existence with all else that exists.  The fundamental behavior of God is sharing, is loving, which it turns out is creative.  In giving existence to all that is found in the universe God creates and enters into relationship with creation.  In creating human beings, creatures with a capacity for reason and therefore necessarily the capacity for freedom and love, God seeks us.

In our first reading this week Ezekiel announces that God tends his sheep, rescues his sheep, pastures his sheep, gives his sheep rest, seeks out the lost, and heals the injured.  In the very act of creation, in sharing existence, in loving things into being, God does all these things.  The opportunity to enter into relationship, to love and find rest, is set before us in our very being; it is ours to choose and receive.  Ezekiel also warns that “the sleek and the strong” God will destroy.  The proud, those who make themselves God and fail to appreciate the graced nature of our existence, have defied the Reason, and in deifying the Logic they miss out on Reality.  In a way they destroy themselves.  God’s judgment is not a new act in time but lies within the eternal act of creation itself.  If love is the fundamental truth, those who choose to love for love’s sake step into eternal life with God, but those who fail to love step into eternal separation from God.  So, let’s stand in awe the Reason for our being and come to see that God is love and that we are made for love, to receive love and to share it and in this graced exchange with our Creator and one another find true life.


1st Reading: Ezekiel 34: 11-12, 15-17 ~  Responsorial: Psalms 23: 1-3, 5-6                 2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 15: 20-26, 28 ~  Gospel: Matthew 25: 31- 46


St. Francis Mission Fundraising Practices

Our message is very simple – when Father Hatcher arrived at St. Francis Mission he deliberately changed the direction, tone and content of direct mail fundraising. In summary, our stewardship mailings feature real people from our Reservation and, occasionally our benefactors.
The stories are positive, uplifting and fully describe our mission of inculturation, betterment of Lakota lives and the corporal and spiritual implementation of our Jesuit Traditions.

Rosebud Family Nights with St. Francis Mission Religious Education Staff!

Though our Monday night even was cancelled due to the cold, we held our Tuesday night event for Rosebud Elementary at the CYO building last night.  5 families attended, and they were able to meet the new Religious Ed teachers, ask questions and visit our classroom as well as have refreshments!

We are planning on having a “family night” for SFIS after school on Monday, November 24th, and there will be family nights for He Dog Elementary on December 3rd, and Spring Creek on December 4th.

Rosebud Family Night 2014 008 Rosebud Family Night 2014 020 Rosebud Family Night 2014 010 Rosebud Family Night 2014 008 Rosebud Family Night 2014 014

Engaging the Word: 11/16/14

One of these moments time will be up.  The facts of our lives will be the facts of our lives – for eternity.

We have each been given gifts and talents.  When we meet our end, will we have buried them out of fear or will we have developed them, having brought to life the life each one of us has been given?  When we bring ourselves to life by developing our gifts and talents, it is not just for our personal benefit.  Our gifts and talents are given to each one of us to be shared.  When we develop our gifts and talents not only do we find life for ourselves individually, but we give life to one another.  So, let’s not be afraid.  The Creator of all that is has given us the gifts we have and knows to whom they have been given.  Let’s trust that God knows what’s best and come to life.

Our reading from Proverbs this week reminds us that we do not have to go it alone.  In fact, we are better, even more ourselves, when we are in relationship with others who want the best for us.  Wanting the best for another is at the heart of love.  Love also shows itself in deeds more than words.  The author of the selection from Proverbs we hear this week warns us about being attracted to superficial qualities.  Love is not about securing what catches our eyes in a mere glance, but is about entering into a relationship of mutual sharing.  In a truly loving relationship we receive the benefits of the gifts and talents of the one who loves us and our own gifts and talents are drawn out and nurtured.  The beauty is that the mutual sharing of gifts in a loving relationship always spills over beyond those directly involved.  If love is active anywhere in the world we can all receive grace.

Paul in his first letter to the Thessalonians reminds us that we do not know all the answers but that we are not in the dark.  Just because we do not know for certain what the next moment will bring, or even if there will be a next moment at all, does not mean that we do not know how to act in the present moment.  We have each been given a life.  We have been loved into life so that we might know love, might know God.  We are called to live our lives, to develop our gifts and talents, to love.  That’s what we should do right now, and we should do it together.  Let’s let the facts of our lives be that we loved.  Let’s love and prepare ourselves to meet Love face to face, to live with Love, to live with God for all eternity.


1st Reading: Proverbs 31: 10-13, 19-20, 30-31 ~ Responsorial: Psalms 128: 1-5

2nd Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-6 ~ Gospel: Matthew 25: 14-30


Sacraments of Initiation

If you are 8 years or older and would like to be Baptized, received into the Church, or Confirmed this Easter season, please join others who will begin preparing for these sacraments or reception into the Church.

We will gather to begin our preparations on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the CYO Building in Rosebud to begin our journey. We will get together by age group, but we will all be in the same place.

Call or email Fr. Chris Johnson at 747-2361 ext. 228 or 828-6128 or

St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic Update!

donateFeaturedThe St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic has experienced its busiest year to date. We wanted to give you an update on the clinic, so here we go!

The Clinic has held 10 dental clinics so far this year in, serving almost 500 patients this year for multiple types of dental services. Two additional clinics are planned for 2014, bringing the total number of clinics to 12 this year, meeting our goal of at least one clinic per month.

The clinic has four chairs, and relies on volunteer dentists, hygienists and dental students. “The South Dakota Dental Association has been a big help in finding volunteers who give their time and let us run their clinics,” says Marty Jones, RDH and the clinic manager “They have been a great supporter of the clinic, and we’ve also worked collaboratively with Delta Dental and Circle of Smiles.”

While the majority of volunteer dentists come from South Dakota, dental student volunteers often come from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and from many different states around the country. “We have clinics planned with a volunteer dentist from Louisiana, and one from Massachusetts in the next 6 month and we will be participating in Rosebud Dental Days with large groups of volunteer dentists at least 5 times in 2015. The St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic’s goal is to have a minimum of one clinic per month for Rosebud residents. ”

We also plan to grow the clinic as well! “At present, we provide general dental services including fillings, dental cleanings and routine extractions, and when we can secure the services of an Oral Surgeon, more complex services. We also plan to get a collaborative agreement to allow a hygienist to do initial patient exams without a dentist present. This will allow us to start new patients outside of regular clinic dates, and expand our practice.”

In addition to providing dental services, the Clinic is working with the children of Sapa Un Academy, who are learning about dental health, and are seeking ways to work with other community health initiatives. “Providing much needed services & education allows us to extend the health of the community. And that is consistent with a mission of dental health”

In addition to relying on volunteers, the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic is in need of both equipment and investment.  To learn what dental equipment the clinic needs, click here. To learn how to invest in dental health on the reservation, click here!

November Family Recovery Program Dates & Times

The November 12-Hour Family Recovery Program will take place on November 17th through November 18th from 9:00am to 3:00pm at St. Bridgets’ Hall in Rosebud, South Dakota (Near the Rosebud Post Office).

The 12-Hour Family program is facilitated by local native people who live on the reservation. The program includes video clips and live role plays and is structured to meet the needs of those family members who are living on the reservation.  Family members will learn:

  • The side effects that drugs and alcohol have on the body and emotions.
  • The process of addiction and relapse.
  • Will learn about twelve step programs and other healthy ways designed for those who are affected by drugs and alcohol.
  • Learn different ways that will help you cope and maintain a less stressful life while coping with a person who is using drugs or alcohol.
  • The how and why alcoholism or drug addiction is a family disease.
  • About Co-dependency and have a greater understanding about the issues that surround the
    Co-dependent family member.
  • How to overcome these family roles and dynamics in a healthy way in order to bring about a healthier family structure.
  • Effective communication, listening and observing skills
  • Co-dependency and enabling conduct and its role in the addiction cycle and in family structure.
  • Including more information related to families and their well –


Administrative Leave will be granted to any Tribal Employee who wishes to attend. The cost to attend the program is $50.00 per person, and must be paid in advance.

For applications or questions, contact:

Geraldine Provencial at (605)747-5547 or Jim at (605)259-3365 or email us at

Religious Education Events!

Notice! Due to the inclement weather the following programs have been cancelled for this evening:

The SFIS Aterschool Religious Ed class “Family Night” for tonight, Monday, 11/17 has been postponed to next week.

Our Youth group meeting/game night has been postponed to next week as well due to the weather.

Our “family night” for tomorrow is still on in Rosebud!

Family Night

The SFM Religious Education staff would like to invite parents/guardians of students who are enrolled in the SFIS Religious Education After school Program to a “Family night” on November 17th from 4 p.m.-5 p.m. at the Icimani Building in St. Francis. You can come and meet the teachers and share some hot cocoa/cookies with us!

Also on November 18th, we would like to invite Parents/Guardians of students who attend Rosebud Elementary and who are enrolled in the Religious Education Classes to a “Family Night” on November 18th from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. Please join us for some snacks, drinks, visit our class room and meet the new teachers!

For any questions or more information, please call Jenny at 747-2436.

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