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Looking back on Summer: Body, Mind & Soul camp!

The 2014 Body, Mind, and Soul Program was a huge success! Our Jesuit Volunteers – Mike Prate and Mike O’Neill, Betty, Beth, our cook and Jenny Black Bear were the staff for the Body, Mind & Soul summer camp, which were held in five communities this summer. The theme for the camps this year was “Weird animals, Where Jesus’ love is one of a kind.” Each day the team reinforced one simple Bible point, which made it easy for kids to remember and apply to real life. There were Bible memory buddies that the kids could wear, share, read, and take home, as well as rotation stations to help scripture stick.

Each day, kids moved throughout activity stations in groups. Every station was designed to reinforce the daily bible point in a hands-on, interactive way. There were KidVid Cinema where real kids shared real stories of how God is working in their lives. These powerful videos connect the Scriptures to modern life like never before. There was a Critter Cafe, where the kids were able to prepare yummy snacks each day and talk to one another about the daily bible verse. There were also games games, arts & crafts and lunch!

The first camp was held in Parmelee, which was our biggest camp, with between 40-50 kids attending each day. The second week, the camp was held in St. Francis, and we were able to give the kids a tour of the Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum. Tony Lusvardi, SJ gave the kids a tour of the St. Charles Catholic church and answered any questions they had about the Church and about the statues! We also had a bulling prevention class with Arlie Eastman, a school counselor at St. Francis Indian School. We were able to go to radio station KINI and record bully prevention messages that are played on the radio. Our camp in Rosebud was another one of our bigger camps, which we held at the CYO building. We had the Mission Body, Mind & Soul camp going on at the same time. We finished the series with our last camp in Spring Creek.

Bags decorated by the children!

Bags decorated by the children!


Children at the St. Francis Camp


High School Students helping out!

BMS St.Francis2014 103

Campers at KINI

BMS St.Francis2014 129

Campers at St. Charles


Anti-Bullying Program

BMS 2014 Rosebud-274

Signs for Camp

We were blessed this year with two Jesuit high schools who came to help with our camps. St. Xavier school from Cincinnati, Ohio, came the 2nd week of June and stayed for 2 weeks, helping with the St. Francis and Rosebud camps. The Tampa Jesuit school, from Tampa, FL came the 3rd week of June, stayed for one week and helped with the Mission Camp. We were fortunate to have two schools here the same week, so we did two camps at once. We had Rosebud/Mission in the same week.

We are grateful and thankful for the two Jesuit schools for being able to come and help us make this years Body, Mind & Soul a huge success! Thank you to the staff and Jesuit Volunteers in Religious Education and all volunteers! We hope to go to more communities with our Body, Mind, and Soul Camps in the future!



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