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Family Recovery Program Dates for March

The 12 Hour Family Recovery Program will be held this month on Monday, March 23rd & Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, from 10:00am to 4:00pm at Icimani Ya Waste’ Recovery Center in St. Francis.

Did you know? The 12-Hour Family program is facilitated by local native people who live on the Rosebud. The program has been created to meet the needs of those family members who are living on the reservation. Family members who attend will learn:

  • The side effects that drugs and alcohol have on the body and emotions.
  • The process of addiction and relapse.
  • About 12-step programs and other healthy ways designed for those who are affected by drugs and alcohol.
  • Different ways that will help you cope and maintain a less stressful life while coping with a person who is using drugs or alcohol.
  • How and why alcoholism or drug addiction is a family disease.
  • About Co-dependency and have a greater understanding about the issues that surround the
    Co-dependent family member.
  • How to overcome these family roles and dynamics in a healthy way in order to bring about a healthier family structure.
  • Effective communication, listening and observing skills.
  • Co-dependency and enabling conduct and its role in the addiction cycle and in family structure.
  • Including more information related to families and their well –being.

Administrative Leave will be granted to any Tribal Employee who wishes to attend.

The cost to attend the program is $50.00 per person, and must be paid in advance.For applications or questions, contact: Geraldine Provencial at (605)747-5547 or Jim at (605)259-3365 or email us at


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