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Engaging the Word: July 20, 2014

Jesus offers several images that give us insight into the difficulties faced by the Church. Some of these images, such as the images of the tiny mustard seed or the yeast, remind us that at times the Church will be a small minority. A small but faithful group, however, is better than a lukewarm crowd. It is more important to be faithful than to be popular!

Another image Jesus offers deals with a problem the Church has always faced: evil among the Church’s members. Jesus uses the image of the devil spreading weeds in a wheat field. But Jesus tells us that we shouldn’t tear up the whole field just because of the weeds. We can probably think of times when other Christians have hurt us in some way; we can even think of examples through-out history of priests and bishops who have com-mitted serious sins. But Jesus warns us not to let the sins of others draw us away from the Church. At the end of time, God will judge those who have done wrong. But if we focus on other people’s sins, we risk becoming weeds ourselves! Instead, we should focus ever more on following Christ, and pray that the Spirit comes to the aid of us all in our weakness.

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