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Engaging the Word: Palm Sunday

“Engaging the Word” is a short reflection written by Tony Lusvardi, S.J. that appears in the St. Charles and St. Bridget’s Parish bulletin each week.  Here is the reflection for Palm Sunday.


Today is called “Palm Sunday” or “Passion Sunday”. The Mass of this day begins our celebration of Holy Week, the most sacred time of the year. As Catholics, we believe that our liturgy (the Church’s official worship) is more than a way of remembering the events of Jesus’ life. When we come to Mass and worship, we actually participate in Jesus’ own sacrifice. At no time is this more apparent than during Holy Week.

Our Palm Sunday procession is a way of walking with Jesus as he enters the city of Jerusalem. This Sunday is also called “Passion Sunday” because the story of Jesus’ Passion, his suffering and death, is read in its entirety. The mysteries we celebrate this week are so profound that we cannot easily explain them; instead we must simply experience them and let the events of Holy Week speak for themselves.

As you go through this week, let it be truly holy. Take time to imagine what Jesus was going through during this time. Turn off the television and spend some time in silent prayer. Go to confession, and participate in the liturgies on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. This Holy Week, walk with Jesus.

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