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Engaging the Word: July 27, 2014

King Solomon is the Old Testament figure most known for wisdom. As a young king instead of asking for wealth, health, or power King Solomon prayed for an even more precious gift—wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom is different than IQ. Wisdom does not mean knowing lots of facts or getting a good SAT score. Even uneducated people can be wise because wisdom means having the right priorities in life. If we have the right priorities, we will make wise choices.

Jesus is very clear about what our number one priority must be: our relationship with God. Our relationship with God is so important that it is worth giving up absolutely everything else in life in order to remain faithful. We cannot allow anything else in life to draw us away from the Lord, not even good things like family members and friends. God must be Number One.

Of course, if we get our number one priority right, other priorities will follow. A strong relationship with God will lead to better decisions all around. God, after all, has taught us how to live a good life by giving us his commandments. Wisdom will help us to follow these commandments with joy.


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