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Engaging the Word: Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Jesus’ words in today’s Gospel would be remarkably egotistical if they were not true! Jesus claims power over “all things” and says that he himself gives us the only way to truly know the Father. In our quest to know God, there is no substitute for Jesus. If we reject Jesus, we cannot know God.

What about the Old Testament, we might ask, which was written centuries before Jesus was born? As we see in today’s first reading, even the Old Testament points the way to Jesus. The prophet Zechariah predicts the coming of a “just savior” who will proclaim peace “to the ends of the earth.” In all cultures and in all times, in fact, we can see hints of the Gospel, signs that point the way to Jesus.

Sometimes we will even be drawn to God by a feeling of incompleteness without him. The great convert St. Augustine experimented with different religions and tried to find meaning in career and sexual promiscuity, but he was never satisfied until he converted to Catholicism. “Our hearts are restless, until they rest in you,” he prayed to God. As Jesus promises at the end of today’s Gospel, he alone can give us the peace our hearts desire.

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