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Engaging the Word: Epiphany!

Religious Education2013-14 363

This week’s gospel reading foretells many events that would occur later in Jesus’ life and ministry. First, that the righteous and just would recognize him as the king of man, as the magi did. But, another response would come from the powerful. There would be those who opposed Jesus in order to keep their positions as King Herod did. We all have within us the ability to love as Jesus did and the ability to reject his message.
The first reading describes the world as being covered by a dark cloud, this cloud being made of all things that block us from viewing the love of God. King Herod certainly contributed to the cloud; yet, there are many ways God’s love can be obscured. But, the Lord came to us as one of us, as a human being; Jesus came to be a light that bursts through these clouds. We need only to follow this light. Isaiah describes an interesting effect of our following this light– we ourselves become radiant. This means we become light in this cloud of darkness that others may follow. The second reading assures us that all are welcome to participate in this process, as Paul includes the Gentiles in the same body of Christ. The Responsorial further says all nations will adore the Lord (even if its leaders do not).
The magi followed the light of a star but also followed the light Isaiah referred to when realizing the true nature of the baby in their midst. Many would follow to worship the messiah, bringing more brightness to the world covered in cloud. Then, God helped by warning them not to return to King Herod. So, in our lives, we need only to love others and we will begin to see light pierce through the dark cloud. In fact, we ourselves become light to others. And, if we do this, with God’s help, we truly follow Jesus’ teachings and message. And, we fulfill our image, as one with God, who is love.

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