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Engaging the Word: April 26th

1st Reading: Acts 4: 8-12
Responsorial: Psalms 118: 1, 8-9, 21-23, 26-29
2nd Reading: 1 John 3: 1-2
Gospel: John 10: 11-18

Today’s readings are giving us a message of salvation through Jesus- the stone which was rejected but is now the cornerstone. Thus, although we may reject Jesus’ teachings and his message throughout our lives, he is still our path to salvation. Jesus himself said this in his shepherd parable.

He is like a shepherd who will not abandon a single one of his sheep. When we sin or ignore God’s mes-sage, we are a sheep knowingly leaving God’s love and walking towards the wolf. It may seem ridiculous that we would purposely walk towards a wolf, but everyone has sinned and turned away from God at some point in their lives. We have put money or temporary happiness over the richness of God’s love. The things we put above God are like the wolf. Now, a shepherd would usually leave one sheep to be eaten to save the rest but not Jesus. He will always come back for us if we have faith in Him.

The second reading today really hammers home this hopeful message. We are God’s children as revealed by Jesus! We can walk towards many wolves, but Jesus will always help us find our way home. Indeed, we are called to be like Jesus and help our brothers and sisters find their way home. In this way, Jesus has saved all human beings (and revealed how we can help save ourselves).

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