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Engaging the Word: 3rd Sunday of Easter

The story of Jesus encountering two disciples on the road to Emmaus is full of meaning. The encounter between Jesus and the disciples follows the same pattern that we see unfold at every Mass: during the first part of the journey the Scriptures are explained and then, when all are gathered around the table, Jesus is recognized in the “breaking of the bread.”
The way the disciples respond to their encounter with Jesus should also be a model for us. They are so filled with joy that they run back to Jerusalem to share their good news. We too should be eager to share our Catholic faith. We might be shy about doing so because modern society pressures us to keep religious matters private, but if we truly believe that Jesus rose from the dead, staying silent does no good for others or for ourselves. We might worry about giving offense, but instead we should look to the bold example of the apostles and of Jesus himself. Even though the majority did not accept what they said, this didn’t discourage them from proclaiming what they knew to be true.

So this Easter season, don’t let fear keep you silent. Be joyful, and let others see your joy!

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