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Engaging the Word: 11/23/14

We have all probably experienced a child who keeps asking why questions?  Why is snow cold?  Why fire hot?  Why water wet?  Why is the sky blue? Why? Why? Why?  We try to give answers and probably get most of them right, but if we get backed into the question of why there is anything at all, of why is there something rather than nothing, of why there is existence, we find that we can only answer “Because.”  Because is what we offer as the reason, and in fact the Reason for everything and the Logic that underlies all else other than the Reason and the Logic that exists.  Smart people throughout the millennia have called this Reason and Logic and their Relationship by a simple three letter word: God.  Why is there anything at all and why is it the way it is?  God.

Now, God thought of as Reason or Logic does not seem much like a god we can get to know or with whom we can have a relationship, but if we stop and consider what we know about this Reason is that the Reason, God, has shared existence with all else that exists.  The fundamental behavior of God is sharing, is loving, which it turns out is creative.  In giving existence to all that is found in the universe God creates and enters into relationship with creation.  In creating human beings, creatures with a capacity for reason and therefore necessarily the capacity for freedom and love, God seeks us.

In our first reading this week Ezekiel announces that God tends his sheep, rescues his sheep, pastures his sheep, gives his sheep rest, seeks out the lost, and heals the injured.  In the very act of creation, in sharing existence, in loving things into being, God does all these things.  The opportunity to enter into relationship, to love and find rest, is set before us in our very being; it is ours to choose and receive.  Ezekiel also warns that “the sleek and the strong” God will destroy.  The proud, those who make themselves God and fail to appreciate the graced nature of our existence, have defied the Reason, and in deifying the Logic they miss out on Reality.  In a way they destroy themselves.  God’s judgment is not a new act in time but lies within the eternal act of creation itself.  If love is the fundamental truth, those who choose to love for love’s sake step into eternal life with God, but those who fail to love step into eternal separation from God.  So, let’s stand in awe the Reason for our being and come to see that God is love and that we are made for love, to receive love and to share it and in this graced exchange with our Creator and one another find true life.


1st Reading: Ezekiel 34: 11-12, 15-17 ~  Responsorial: Psalms 23: 1-3, 5-6                 2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 15: 20-26, 28 ~  Gospel: Matthew 25: 31- 46


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