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Engaging the Word: 10/19/2014

In the reading this week from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah we hear how King Cyrus, a king who does not know God, is anointed by God to do God’s work. Taken together with the other readings assigned for this week, perhaps the message is to   remember that there is in truth just one reality, one universe. The believer cannot put on his or her  Christian hat in one moment and live in God’s reality only to take it off in the next to put on a secular hat and live in a world in which God is absent. The counsel is not to abandon the secular reality for God’s reality, but rather to see God present and working in all things.

In Jesus’ counsel to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, Jesus is reminding us that we must acquit ourselves to our times. The world and all that is in it has been given to us that we might know God. As Paul explains, this knowing is not merely intellectual or even spiritual but experiential. Living in this world of materiality and immateriality, we are made to experience the love of God and share it with all creation. To paraphrase Pierre      Teilhard de Chardin, nothing is profane for those with eyes to see. Indeed we meet God in the every day, in the mundane, in the washing of the feet, in the fruit of the field and work of human hands. With the eyes of faith we can meet God in the every day. May we find the grace to seek the love of God in the every day and share it with our brothers and sisters.


1st Reading: Isaiah 45: 1, 4-6 ~ Responsorial: Psalm 96: 1, 3-5, 7-10

2nd Reading:1 Thessalonians 1: 1-5 , 19-20~ Gospel: Matthew 22: 15-21


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