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Engaging the Word: 10/12/14

What if you decided to accept an invitation to a sporting event or a concert or a play and decided to sit backward in your seat or to put on headphones or even go to sleep?  What would  happen is that you would miss the game or the show.  One can bodily show up for a party and still not be there.  If you do not join in with what is happening you miss out.  That is just the way it is.

From the perspective of those who want to watch or participate in the game or put on or see the show or host or enjoy the party, the person who does not join in is wasting an  opportunity.  From the perspective of those who want to join in, the one who excludes himself or herself is throwing himself or herself outside to wail and grind his or her teeth.

God has made a wonderful world to live in and enjoy.  It is a party born out of pure love and the rule of the party is love.  Now, love needs to be free.  So we free creatures who have been invited to the party that is the Kingdom of Heaven can either join in or stand to the side and selfishly call the whole thing stupid.   When one chooses not to join in he or she can ruin the party a bit, but only in time.  When the temporal party is over, when life in time comes to end and one enters into eternity, he or she will live with the eternal fact that he or she has written in time, either one chose love or one rejected love.  Living with that fact in eternity will either be eternally hellish or eternally blissful.

The good news, of course, is that as long as the game or show is still going on we can turn around in our seats, we can take off the headphones, we can wake up.  As long as the party in time is still going on we can choose to join in for now and into eternity.   Our all good Creator continues to offer us the gift of love and invites us to respond to the invitation in love and freely share it with one another.  We can either enter into the party or even in our bodily presence throw ourselves outside.  Let us pray for the grace to receive and share all that our loving God has to offer.

1st Reading:  Isaiah 25: 6-10 ~ Responsorial: Psalm 23: 1-6

2nd Reading:  Philippians 4: 12-14, 19-20~ Gospel: Matthew 22: 1-14



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