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Engaging the Word: 08/31/2014

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

When is saving something really wasting something?

Cake is meant to be eaten.  If it doesn’t get eaten, it goes to waste.  So if you save it, you waste it.

Now for a cake there’s no pain involved in fulfilling its purpose.  Cakes do not experience agony and distress as they are put to work exciting taste buds.  Being what it is called to be and doing what it is called to do has no cost for a cake.

Each of the readings assigned for this Sunday point to our purpose, to what we humans are meant to be, and to the cost and life carried by being and becoming the persons we are called to be and become.

No matter how much we may fight it, God has called each one of us in a unique and personal way.  The truth is that we long for our Creator, and in the end, the only way we can really get close to God is to be the persons who we have been created to be.  Our uniqueness brings with it some struggle.  It may seem easier hide our gifts and talents, not developing them or using them.  Some of our quirks and tastes may make others laugh or ridicule us, but if we bury the persons that God has created to live and flourish and bring life to the world, then in saving ourselves from pain, in attempting to save our lives, we really lose them.

Jesus embraced the human life he was given, even at the price of death.  It’s really the only way to live.

Let’s pray for the grace to come to know God’s unique call to each one of us, to embrace these calls, and live them, no matter the cost.


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