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Dental Days: An Update

St. Franics Mission

In July 2013, the Mission embarked on a new adventure – Rosebud Dental Days.  A one-week event held in conjunction with the South Dakota Dental Association, Dental Days brought South Dakota dentists to the Rosebud to provide much needed dental care. The week long event was held across the Rosebud, and was considered a success.

But it was just the beginning. Today, Rosebud Dental Days happens multiple times a year, bringing down a core group of dentists (as well as newcomers) to the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic to provide dental care to both new and returning patients. Marty Jones, Dental Clinic Director, says that the services provided during Dental Days has changed as the Clinic has grown. “Early on, we were handling many new patient cases.  Now, because of our ongoing clinics, Dental Days has allowed us to provide more services – including follow up services to patients whose dental home is the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic.”

Since the beginning of Rosebud Dental Days, we’ve partnered with the South Dakota Dental Association.  Paul Knecht, Executive Director of the South Dakota Dental Association, notes that “The St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic has helped shift the focus of need during Dental Days.  Early on, we focused on triage care, and now we have the ability to have care and a true ‘dental home’ for patients. From an oral health perspective, it is a bright light in an otherwise dark environment.” 

Thanks to all the dentists and staff who have helped make our ongoing Dental Days programs a success! What does the future hold for the Clinic & Dental Days? Stay tuned on the clinic website at!

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