About St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic

At St. Francis Mission, we have a vision of adequate dental health for all people on Rosebud Reservation. In 2013, we opened the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic to give Lakota adults and children the dental care they have long needed. A recent American Dental Association study found that 90 percent of the Lakota people on Rosebud Reservation have chronic tooth decay or gum disease. This dental health crisis is the result of living in one of the poorest counties in the United States.

Most people on Rosebud Reservation, especially children, have never seen a dentist and have never learned how to care for their teeth. The St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic is providing treatment first to the youngest children, then working up in age, with priority to anyone with an urgent need. There is a focus on preventive care and dental health education.

Volunteer dentists and assistants help us provide services in the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic. These services include dental exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings, treatments, follow-up checkups, and education in preventive care.

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How can I volunteer?

Because we see a general population of patients, we are in need of volunteers from all of the dental fields. Dentists, Dental Hygienists and dental staff are encouraged to volunteer. If you are a dental student, dentist or dental school interested in volunteering your services, please contact: Marty Jones, RDH (email: marty.jones@sfmission.net or phone: 605-747-2142 or 605-319-1275).

To learn about our accommodations, click here.

If you are from another state, you will need to apply for a temporary license to work in South Dakota. To learn how to apply, click here.


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