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Mission Foundation

The St. Francis Mission Foundation was established in 2009 to bring together supporters of the Mission’s work. Led by Father John Hatcher, S.J., the Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of Jesuits and lay people from throughout the United States dedicated to furthering the goals of the Mission.

St. Francis Mission receives no government funds. The Foundation seeks philanthropic funds to serve the following needs:

  • Education – Religious Education, After-School Programs; Sapa Un (Catholic) Academy, an accredited elementary school modeled on the Jesuit Nativity schools.
  • Substance Abuse – Icimani Ya Waste Recovery Program, White River Recovery Program
  • Evangelization – Five parishes, KINI radio (96.1 FM) programming, Adult Religious Education programs
  • Lakota Culture – Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum, KINI radio programs in Lakota language, translation of the New Testament into Lakota, integration of Lakota prayers in Religious Education
  • Health – Dental Clinic, Suicide Prevention, Juvenile Detention Center Counseling, Holiday Nutrition Program

Your gift to St. Francis Mission in support of the Rosebud Lakota people will be used immediately in the area of greatest and most urgent need

St. Charles Parish