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Black Robe Society

The Black Robe Society recognizes friends of St. Francis Mission whose accumulative giving reaches or exceeds $1,000 in one calendar year. There are many benefits to joining this important giving society. To learn more about becoming a BRS member, please download the BRS Brochure or call our Foundation office at 605.718.7912.

BRS Annual Giving & Friendship Levels

(Download the BRS brochure here to see Charter Member Gifts, Discounts, and Benefits!)

In  recognition for their significant contributions and support of St. Francis Mission and the Lakota people of the Rosebud Reservation in the previous calendar year, below, with much gratitude, we honor the 2014 Black Robe Society members.



Fr. Eugene Buechel (pictured on left)

Fr. Eugene Buechel (pictured on left)

Fr. Eugene Buechel, S.J. Friendship Level ($1,000-1,999)

Lloyd & Barbara Amundson

Judith Arredondo

Jennifer L. Baarson

Robert and Abigail Benkeser

Dieter and Jean Beutner

John G. Boor

Robert Brack

Ralph Buechner

Janis Cantrell

David E. Carey

J.H. Clasgens

Stephen Collins

Peter A. & Mary Jo Conzemius

Michael & Kim Dady

Thomas A. Dick

The Rayman Dodson Trust

Elizabeth Doria


Robert and Judith Edgar

James and Judith Eisenmenger

Dave and Gina Elliott

Dennis and Barbara Finch

Arlene Fitzpatrick

Kathryn Kane & Paulette Kane Flynn

Joseph P. Foss

Michael & Andrea Foss

Oahe Foundation

James and Lynda Gaidis

Patricia Gilmartin

Rev. Joseph W. Grace

R. Jean Gray, Jr.

The Harry Schwartz Foundation

Edward and Mary Hegarty

Quentin and Sally Heimerman

William J. Hickey

James D. Houston

Norma B. Hubbuch †

Leon and Bette Hughes

Paul and Carolyn Janka

Mark MacDougall and Anne Johannessen

Thomas J. Kenny

Mary S. Kwan


John F. Lawlor

Christopher Lewis

Robert P. Liesch

Eugene and Roseann Lilla

Steve and Colleen Lucke

George E. & Barbara A. Mahoney

Liana A. Marquis

Donagh McCarthy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. McLaughlin

Michael and Sandra McNeely

Laurence Mondorff

Jennifer Moran

Daniel J. Morvant

Mrs. Ray P. Oden, Jr.

Bob and Carol Phaneuf

Veronica Pheney

Mark T. Pitzen

Arline Rumbolz

Nicholas and Judy Runnebohm

John M. Ryan

Dr. Peter M. Sanfelippo

Raymond and Vicki Shulstad

Leonard L. Signeski

Louis R. Soberanis


The Members of the St. Xavier H.S. Jesuit Community

Robert & Anne Strachota

Kenneth and Helen Swanson

Brendan and Kerry Swords

David Thompson

Stephen J. Tivy

Michael Mateja Trust


Peter Welshons

Henry Thomas Wilkos

(Download the BRS brochure here to see Charter Member Gifts, Discounts, and Benefits!)


Br. Hartmann

Br. Hartmann

Br. Andrew Hartmann, S.J. Friendship Level ($2,000-4,999)

James H. Akey †

Anthony F. Bauer Trust Fund


Frances Bridge

David A. Buechel

Immaculate Conception Church of Ewa, HI

Patricia Cloud

Donald and June Forrester

Richard F. Foss

NSA Bahrain Chapel Fund

Jeannette F. George


Dorothy Haggerty †

John and Mary Hartmann

Joe and Bonnie Hilt

James Caya

Edward and Earlene Ralph

Beth L. Reineke

Pat and Wayne Roe

Arthur and Mary Ryan

Jolene Semtner

Mary Frances Shreve

Mabelle Jean Smith

Jack E. Turner

Joseph H. Wilkens

John B. Zurell

(Download the BRS brochure here to see Charter Member Gifts, Discounts, and Benefits!)


Fr. Richard Jones

Fr. Richard Jones

Fr. Richard Jones, S.J. Friendship Level ($5,000-9,999)

Lois Allen †

Dan and Christine Benson

The Boston Foundation

Mary Darcy †

Robert and Janice Davidson

The Racine Dominicans


The South Dakota Dental Foundation

The Ryan Family Fund

The Guindon Agency

Robert and Judith Hornick

Donald and Geraldine Hoscheit


Roger Johnsen

Robert and Linda Lannert

Robert H. Levy

Donald and Susan Mellish

James and Sharon O’Brien

Mary Rosania

Brian P. Short

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Strittmatter

Audrey C. Hirt Trust

(Download the BRS brochure here to see Charter Member Gifts, Discounts, and Benefits!)


Fr. Digmann (pictured on left)

Fr. Digmann (pictured on left)

Fr. Florentine Digmann, S.J. Friendship Level ($10,000-24,999)

Jacqueline Archer Charitable Trust

Kathleen Cavanaugh †

The Diocese of Rapid City

Mary E. Dohn Trust

Ray and Katherine Eckstein

Bill Fortune

Felix Foss

The Adams Family Foundation

Virginia Bussa Charitable Fund

Dr. Ghislaine D. Godenne †

Gerard and Catherine Griffin

Pierre M. Hegy

Donald B. Kuntz

Harry G. McNeely, Jr.

Patricia Near

Mr. & Mrs. H. Frederick Nebel †

Grace Salazar

Joan E. Schmitz

Edyth Lothe Trust

Virginia A. Wilcox †

Joseph and Julie Zuercher

(Download the BRS brochure here to see Charter Member Gifts, Discounts, and Benefits!)


St. Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola Friendship Level ($25,000+)

Patrick and Angela Adams

David and Deanna Emery

Erica P. John Fund

John T. Vucurevich Foundation


John Kilker †

Frank and Joan McDermott

Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions

St. Francis Foundation of Michigan

The Ginestra Family Trust

Joan and John Vatterott

(Download the BRS brochure here to see Charter Member Gifts, Discounts, and Benefits!)

Black Robe Society