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Why Should I Give to St. Francis Mission Among the Lakota?

Large or small, your gift to St. Francis Mission makes a great difference. Gifts of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $250 keep us operating day by day. Larger gifts help us grow to meet the needs. Thanks to generous friends like you, we have expanded virtually all our services, including youth programs, dental care, and religious education.

  • $5 will provide program supplies for one person involved in our Recovery Program
  • $15 will cover the costs for an exam for one child at our Dental Clinic
  • $25 will provide pay for the general anesthesia license fee for the Dental Clinic
  • $1,800 will cover all license fees for our radio station, KINI, so we are able to continue to broadcast to the 20,000 people on the Rosebud
  • $2,100 will cover all utility costs associated with one month’s operation of our radio station, KINI
  • $6,500 will cover all supplies for one year of our 12-hour Family Recovery Program
  • $8,300 will cover the expenses for one month of consultation and on-site support from the staff of the Betty Ford Center.
  • $12,000 will provide the annual stipend for one of our three Jesuit Volunteers. These volunteers are college graduates who will be assisting with Religious Education, deejaying & production work at our radio station, KINI, and many other activities throughout the course of the year.


How Do I Make a Gift or Grant?

You may contact us by mail, phone, or e-mail. Please make your check payable to St. Francis Mission Foundation. Please let us know if you are interested in joining our annuity program or making a planned gift to St. Francis Mission. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. For a list of ways to donate, click here.


Will my Gift Really Make a Difference?

Yes, your gift makes such a positive difference! We send frequent stewardship letters and reports to keep you up to date on what your gift is helping us to accomplish. We absolutely rely on the generosity of friends throughout the country and abroad. If you are an old friend, thank you. If you are a new friend, God bless you. Without you, we simply could not do what we do every day.

St. Francis Mission Foundation
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(605) 718-7912
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