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Community Garden!

Its that time of the year to start our garden here at the St. Francis Mission! Pictured is our JV Pat Carlin prepping the garden for this summer. The Sapa Un students and their parents will volunteer this summer to work in the garden, and will eat the result in their lunches later in the fall! Watch this space – we will be sharing more pictures as the garden grows!

4 GArden 1 Garden 2 Garden 3

One Response to “Community Garden!”

  1. Pat (Patricia) Simonik

    I am so glad to read about SFM’s community garden. I know that because of expense of fresh fruits and vegetables and the distance to stores that sell them, many people rarely get to enjoy these fresh foods.

    I was a volunteer/worker at St. Francis (1974-1984), and in the 80s my housemates and I dug up our whole back yard and planted strawberries and many different kinds of vegetables, including sunflower seeds. As we worked on the garden, many people stopped to watch. Our house was Kateri Hall across from Fr. Jones’ house.
    Keep doing programs like this that cost very little and produce very much.



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