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Jesuit Volunteers

What is Jesuit Volunteer Corps?

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps transforms the lives of the young adults who serve a year or more and provides critical support to local schools and non-profit organizations around the country. Over 300 Jesuit Volunteers, primarily recent college graduates, commit to at least one year of living the four values of JVC in over 30 cities and 7 countries.

What is a Jesuit Volunteer?

A Jesuit Volunteer (JV) is a young adult who has chosen to do at least one year of service at a site around the country/world. Over the course of the year, JVs live by the four values of Jesuit Volunteer Corps–Community, Spirituality, Social Justice, and Simplicity.

For more information on the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and the lives of JVs, click here. 

St. Francis Mission has been a JVC placement since August 2010.


Jesuit Volunteers