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 Tony Lusvardi, S.J.

Many of you may remember Tony Lusvardi, S.J., from his time at the Mission.  He has since moved on to Boston, but recently wrote the parishes here on the Rosebud, reflecting on his time at the Mission and we wanted to share:

Happy 2015, St. Agnes, St. Bridget’s, and St. Charles Parishes!
Greetings from Boston! I have completed one semester of theology studies and start another next week. I am very happy with the Jesuit community I live in; we have men from all over the world—Africa, the Philippines, South America, Portugal. In fact, in my house, the Americans are a minority. I have found it inspiring to live with men from such different backgrounds who are united in their desire to serve Jesus and his Church.

Classes have been OK, but I confess that after working on Rosebud, I’ve found it a little hard to go back to studying. I miss all of you! I think of you often, especially at Mass, and I pray for you every day. I miss running into people from the parishes at AllStop or in Buche’s; I miss parish council meetings and prize bingo, having lunch with the kids at Sapa Un, talking to people after Mass on Sunday mornings. I especially miss teaching classes and seeing people grow closer to Jesus as they prepared to receive the sacraments. I am helping out with RCIA at a parish here, but it is not the same. I’ve had the chance to visit lots of different parishes, and the more I see the more I realize how special the Catholic community on Rosebud is. I am so proud of you! I probably annoy people by talking about Rosebud so much!

I want you to know how grateful I am that God allowed me to be a part of your lives for three years. I cannot imagine a better preparation for priesthood than the time I spent with all of you. I hope to be able to visit soon, maybe even this summer. Please keep praying for me so that in a few more years when I come back I will be able to celebrate Mass for you!
With much love and prayers,
Tony Lusvardi, S.J.

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